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High-Performance Plant-Based Nutrition

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What our customers are saying…

Dr. Jordan Talley, Physician

"I personally use Elevate Nutritionโ€™s protein powder and BCAAs. The products deliver both on taste and performance. I notice that I feel more energized during and after my workouts. I believe strongly in plant based nutrition and the health benefits associated with it. I feel anyone can benefit from adding plant-based nutrition to their current diet, especially active individuals seeking alternatives to meat/dairy based supplements."

Giacomo Marchese, Competitive Bodybuilder and Powerlifter

"A pet peeve of mine when it comes to protein powders is when they are unnecessarilyย chocked full of fillers and sweeteners.ย  To mimic a certain texture and taste that the company believes will be enjoyable.ย  A problem with these efforts is that they wind up missing the mark.ย  Elevate protein is a breath of fresh air in the plant based protein world.ย  Not only is the blend of vegan proteins optimal for muscle protein synthesis, it tastes amazing too.ย  They nailed the Chocolate Brownie flavor without a need to sacrifice the integrity of the product with artificial sweetening agents.ย  And on top of that there are greens in this formula too.ย  Thatโ€™s a win win to me.ย  With 24g of protein, no sugar, and only 1g of net carbs, there is simply no reason not include this shake into your daily regimen.ย Thanks for setting the bar high with this awesome formula Elevate!"

Ndem Nkem

Ndem E. Nkem, Competitive Powerlifter

These are some of the best tasting vegan supplements I've tried. The protein powder is rich, creamy, and filling. I take these products with me when I travel so I can still hit my fitness goals. Low carb and high protein.

Jessica Wilkins

Jessica Wilkins, MSN, BS, CPT Health Coach & Nutritionist Strength Coach

These are my favorite protein bars! They taste awesome, just like cookie dough, and I especially like the texture - they have just the right crunch but are also soft like cookie dough. I'm also a big fan of the minimal, quality ingredients! A lot of bars give me a stomachache because of how many crappy ingredients are stuffed in them, but these don't have that effect on me at all. The macronutrient profile is great - 20g of protein! I am an athlete and nutritionist and frequently recommend Elevate products to my clients. Also a HUGE fan of the fact that it is a vegan owned company! I definitely recommend giving them a try!

tricia byers

Tricia Byers, Bikini Competitor

The Elevate Protein Powder is delicious! The formula is the perfect combination of creamy and rich. The chocolate brownie and vanilla milkshake flavor are so good. It ALMOST feels like you are eating something you shouldn't be but they are very macro-friendly. I love that the company uses quality ingredients and the formula is geared specifically toward athletes with the BCAAs and glutamine included to help with the recovery process. Perfectly portable for some quick nutrition on the go! I look forward to the release of more products by Elevate Nutrition Team!

fraser bayley

Fraser Bayley, Vegan Nutritionist/Coach

These Elevate products are amazing. The taste/texture, nutritional profile - everything about these I am a fan of. So much so, that after trying a sample I came right to the site to order! As a vegan nutritionist/coach I have tried a lot of different protein supplements out of sheer curiosity so I can suggest things to our clients. I will definitely be suggesting these to our people as I really enjoyed them, they keep me away from the junk food - with all the good nutritional benefits. I am a big fan!

Jason Patton, Competitive Powerlifter

"Thanks [Elevate Nutrition Founders] for being awesome teammates and making more vegan consumable products!"

Sara Lee, Absolute World Record Holder Women’s Two Arm Marathon

"I like both the flavor and texture of the new bars. They remind me of the MetRx bars I used to live on in my 20's. My diet, lifestyle and goals have changed since then, but my love of lifting and eating has remained the same. I wish these had been around back then since they taste great, and their ingredients are in line with my ethical and nutritional needs."

Sara Russert – Personal Trainer, Powerlifter, & Figure Competitor

"I love the new Elevate Chocolate Brownie Protein! When you open the tub you immediately smell chocolate brownie batter. The taste and texture are great and the macros are awesome!"

Daniel Austin, Competitive Powerlifter

"My usual protein bar has always been the Cliff Builder bar, but these Elevate Nutrition bars have slightly less calories, slightly more fat (to fit my preferred macros), less carbs, and the same amount of protein, so I can't wait for Elevate to take over the world. I will be stocking up for sure."

Samuel Hartman, CrossFit & Competitive Weightlifter

โ€œOverall Elevateโ€™s Protein Powder is delicious! With the amount of protein and being vegan this formula is perfect.โ€

Sara Russert – Personal Trainer, Powerlifter, & Figure Competitor

"I am very excited about the new protein powder from Elevate Nutrition. It is totally awesome to see vegan athletes making a product designed for our sports. To me it is very important to have protein powder with low carbs and fat so that at any point during my cutting or building phases I can have protein powder without worrying that it is contributing greatly to my carb intake for the day. A pea protein/hemp protein blend is ideal for me. I love the product, and can't wait to see what other things Elevate Nutrition comes out with!"

Sarah Preston – Competitive Powerlifter

"Elevate's Protein powder is so delicious! Seriously the best vanilla protein!"

Scott Shetler, Professional Trainer, Owner of Extreme Performance Training Systems Atlanta, GA

"I recently received a sample of Elevate Nutrition's new Plant-Based Performance Protein and was extremely impressed. I don't rely heavily on protein powders in my diet and generally only use them as part of my post-training nutrition or if I need a quick fix. That being the case the biggest things I look for in a protein powder are taste and ease of mixing. Elevate delivered both and more! The taste was off the charts, seriously hard to believe this stuff is sugar free, and it mixed very easily in a shaker bottle with absolutely no clumping. In addition the nutrient profile is awesome. If you're looking for a top of the line plant-based protein supplement I can't recommend Elevate enough!"

Aaron Hwang, Licensed Acupuncturist and Martial Arts Expert

"I LOVE this company. The Elevate Co-Founders live their truth and their products reflect that!"

Jenna Williams, Certified Yoga Teacher, 200 RYT

"With so many different sources available these days it can be hard to know which ones can be trusted to give you valid information. Elevate Nutrition is a site that has all of the information that you need to live a plant-based lifestyle delivered to you by founders who are truly practicing what they preach. The products are amazing, the advice is spot on and the recipes are delicious!"