The Benefits of Supplementing with Beet Root Powder for Athletes

Athletes have experimented with a number of supplements to boost their productivity. There are plenty of plant-based supplements available on the market, one of which is beetroot powder supplement.

Although not many people are a fan of the sweet yet earthy taste of beetroots, these plants are rich in nitrates. This is what gives beetroot its distinct bright fuchsia tone. Now in recent years, studies have found that the nitrates in the beet may enhance performance of athletes.

How Does Beetroot Powder Work?

Beet root are a rich source of antioxidants like vitamin C, phenolic acid, carotenoids, and flavonoids. It also contains large quantities of nitrates which occur naturally in many foods. This nitrate is transformed into nitric oxide when it is consumed.

When you take beetroot powder, it can raise the nitric acid levels in your body. Research suggest that this can result in improved lung function, blood flow and muscle contractions.

How Beetroot Powder Benefits Athletes

As mentioned above, beetroot powder offers significant benefits to athletes included increases blood circulation, increased red blood cell count, and higher anti-oxidant properties.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential in athletes. Cardiorespiratory fitness is the ability of your cardiovascular system and the respiratory system to supply oxygen to your muscles during prolonged periods of activity or exercise.

The nitric acid form beetroot powder can improve this process, resulting in better muscle contractions and functions.

The nitric oxide in your blood also improves your respiratory performance. It dilates the blood vessels, which result in increased blood flow and hence an increased supply of oxygen to the working muscles.

The nitric oxide also signals to the cells and tissues in your body to ensure more blood flow as well as increased intake of oxygen in your muscles.

This also results in reduced hypertension and better cardiovascular health.

Increases Metabolic Threshold

When you perform intense exercise, the aerobic (involving free oxygen) processes in your body become anaerobic (requiring the absence of oxygen). This can create a lot of waste products, like lactate or lactic acid, inside your body, which does not quickly burn out. As a result, you experience fatigue, signaling your metabolic threshold has been reached.

When the nitric oxide in your body opens up the blood vessels, it allows quicker transfer of blood, and hence more oxygen to flow into your muscle tissues. Because of the nitric acid, it takes far longer for your body to reach an anaerobic state, resulting in lower oxygen dependency for energy production.

Improves Reaction Time

For an athlete, reaction time is extremely important. High-intensity exercises can create a shortage of oxygen in your blood which can make you become sluggish and slow.

However, thanks to the nitric oxide in the blood, your muscles will be continuously supplied with a steady supply of oxygen. This means improved alertness and better reaction time for athletes.

Should You Take Beetroot Powder Supplements?

In the beginning, the thought of drinking beetroot powder supplement may be disgusting for some. However, there are many formulas available that have a mild, refreshing, and pleasant taste.

If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement that contains beet root powder, this formula by Elevate Nutrition is a great choice.

Once you start taking your beetroot powder formula before your workout, you will gradually start to feel better, more focused and healthier.


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