Increase Your Core Strength With These Weighted Moves

How much do you think about how your core impacts you on a daily basis? Unfortunately you’re probably not taking your core into consideration enough in your health routine. Oh, maybe you do some sit-ups, and that’s just fine. But it’s also important to think about what your core is doing. It’s helping keep your posture straight. It’s helping you to maintain balance, which grows increasingly difficult as you age. It can even help with cardio—for example, a strong core helps runners by helping them with endurance and time. All these are attributes that a strong core carries, even if you didn’t realize it.

But a core strength routine isn’t good enough if it’s just sit-ups. It needs a variety of exercises to help you manage extension and rotation and movement outside the norm—those lunging efforts. So how do you do these exercises? This graphic explains it.

Why You Should Consider Adding Weight to Your Core Routine
“Why You Should Consider Adding Weight to Your Core Routine” on Health Perch

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