Meditation: Gaining an Edge in Business, Fitness, and Health

Meditation is a very common practice around the world. There are a lot of benefits of meditation, for both your mind and body. Just 20 minutes out of the entire day is enough time for you to meditate. It will give you peace of mind and also be beneficial for your health and business. Here are a few benefits of mediation that will change your mind, and pretty soon, you will be meditating every day.

Benefits of Meditation in Business

You must be thinking: business and meditation have no connection whatsoever.

That is where you are wrong.

Meditation can actually help you strengthen your business. The following are the benefits of mediation in business:

Meditation Teaches you to be Nonreactive

Imagine an employee creating havoc in the office, or one who didn’t finish an important project that you had to send today.

It can rile up anyone’s temper. Instead of shouting at that employee, meditation teaches you to be nonreactive. It helps you feel calm and controlled, and keeps your temper in check.

Meditation Helps You Stay Positive

With all the negativity surrounding us, it is easy to give up hope and crawl into the pit of darkness that you have created for yourself, meditation gives you the power to stay positive and believe in a brighter and better future. Many executives have taken up meditation because they find it helps them switch gears when stress piles up. Meditation has many positive effects by mitigating stress, regulating emotions, and having a more positive outlook to help bounce back from business setbacks. Meditation helps develop the ability to switch off reactive fight-or-flight responses and engage in more thoughtful and balanced decisions.

When you have a cool and calm mind, you will face the difficulties with grace.

Meditation Helps with Creativity and Strategy

Mindfulness meditation is a great technique to learn to help improve creativity. Studies have shown that meditators have noticed a dramatic increase in creativity after meditating on creative solutions. Companies such as Walt Disney Company and General Mills, have reported improved innovation as a result of sitting in silence. They even offer meditation rooms that are accessible to anyone on their staff. Google has an in house mindfulness program called ‘Search inside Yourself’. They have even built a labyrinth for mindful walking meditations.

Benefits of Meditation in Mental Health

Here is how meditation can be beneficial for your mental health:

Meditation Helps With Anxiety and Stress

There are a lot of factors that contribute towards your stress and anxiousness. Whether you are having problems at your job or in your relationship, meditation can help you deal with them.

It is a proven fact that anxiety and stress are reduced with meditation. That happens because meditation helps reduce the release of a hormone known as cortisol, which causes stress.

Meditation Boosts Your Brainpower

Research shows that meditation actually helps boost your brainpower. Your cognitive functions are enhanced with meditation.

Meditation also helps in enhancing our focus and concentration skills.

Benefits of Meditation in Fitness

The relationship between meditation and fitness has been around for a long time. Here are a few benefits of meditation for your fitness.

Meditation helps Manage Body Weight

Yes, meditation actually helps you burn fats from your body. Practicing meditation daily strengthens your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. It is an area of your brain that helps you resist your cravings.

So, more meditation equals fewer cravings.

Meditation helps focus on your workout

Have you ever found yourself halfway through a set, only to realize you have no idea how many reps you have done? This is most likely because your mind has “wandered” and you are no longer focusing in on the muscles that should be activated. Your body goes into “auto-pilot” as your mind is somewhere else. Levering meditation techniques, will allow you to be in the “now” moment, and focus on the muscles that should be activated. This technique will make your workouts more beneficial by targeting and focusing on the muscles for growth.

Meditation Helps You Focus on Your Breathing

We all think breathing comes naturally, especially during a workout when our muscles are being deprived of oxygen. However,  most of us breathe incorrectly–or we may even forget to breathe as a routine progresses. By becoming aware of your breath you can get us through a difficult workout routine more efficiently. Focusing on a steady, rhythmic inhale and exhale as you perform the exercise helps your stamina and will properly oxygenize your muscles.

Visualization Techniques

“Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you are correct.” The human brain is a powerful weapon, much more powerful than our science has yet to understand. Have you ever noticed how some elite athletes just seem to stand out amongst the pack? Have they discovered a secret? Yes. Their secret is harnessing the power of the mind to propel them toward success. Techniques of visualization and keeping a positive mindset have been researched and well-documented, and have been proven to be valuable assets as athletes prepare for competitions. What happens in reality, is a result of what happens in our minds and athletic performance is no different.

Meditation Helps With Your Overall Health

Meditating daily can help reduce your blood pressure and allow you to sleep better at night. It can also be beneficial for your immune system and help in the prevention of fibromyalgia, cardiovascular problems, and arthritis.

Now that you know the benefits of meditation, make sure that you take at least an hour out from your busy schedule to practice it.

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