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Vegan Voyage is an interactive eResource guide to develop your own journey to going vegan. The eBook is only 20 pages and can be read in a single sitting. The interactive links allow this to become your springboard to vegan supplements, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, baking, make up, skincare, spiritual teachers, documentaries, and more.

From the Author:

I am commonly asked how I went vegan, do I have any tips, and what are the best ways to begin vegan living. This is a brief resource guide to show you that anyone can go vegan. This is a guide for you to develop your own path to being vegan. It eases fears, difficulties, and doubts about letting go of meat, dairy, eggs, and animal. This is NOT a How-To Guide, there aren’t anyrecipes or best tips on going vegan.

Click Here to Download “A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Path to Vegan”

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