3 Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

You have read all the studies that regale the benefits of a plant-based diet. You have studied the effects of the meat and dairy industries on the environment and the quality of life of various animal species. You may have even noticed how much more energy you have on days when you consume fewer animal products. Perhaps you want to go vegan, but you find the prospect daunting. To make this transition easier, try to immerse yourself in your new diet, seek out delicious alternatives to animal-based foods and surround yourself with people who support your decision.

Immersion Diet

You might be tempted to ease your way into veganism, replacing foods with new alternatives slowly, but the best way to adopt a plant-based diet is to jump into it wholeheartedly. Certain foods tend to register as addictive to the human body, so the longer you continue to eat them, the less likely you are to ever give them up. Animal-based foods, which are usually higher in fat and casomorphin than plant-based foods, inspire cravings that only go away when you abstain from them. Fortunately, there are several programs, such as the 21-day Vegan Kickstart, that take all the guess work out of switching to a better diet. You can find meal plans, complete with grocery lists, that will help you make this change as easily as possible.

Delicious Alternatives

You do not have to sacrifice taste to make better, healthier choices. For every meat or animal by-product you are used to consuming, there is a scrumptious option that fits into your new plant-based diet. Butter can be replaced with coconut oil. Are your going to miss your scrambled eggs? Try a zesty tofu scramble with onions and red peppers instead. You can even bake without eggs by experimenting with foods like bananas or avocados. Plant milk offers so many varieties of flavor that you probably will not even miss dairy milk. The number of choices for cheese alternatives suitable for a vegan diet is mind boggling. Instead of sweetening your tea with honey, try agave nectar. These are just a few suggestions. Once you start to discover how many options are available to you on a plant-based diet, the possibilities are endless!

Social Support

As with any major life change, you are more likely to stick to your new vegan lifestyle if you have the support of a social group. The level of encouragement you get from people whose opinions you value may be a pivotal factor in the success of your food choices. Soon, you might find that veganism is no longer just something you do; it becomes who you are. A supportive social network can help you solidify your identity as a vegan, increasing the chance that you will remain committed to your new plant-based diet.

New Lifestyle

Once you discover delectable plant alternatives to the animal-based foods you have been consuming and, with the support of respected friends, get into the practice of a vegan diet, you will probably find that adopting this new lifestyle becomes increasingly easier. Following these tips could put you well on your way to maintaining healthier habits.

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