Sara Russert

Powerlifter & Bodybuilder


I started lifting weights with my dad in the gym when I was 12. He was a competitive natural body builder and had always encouraged my sister and I to be strong and fit. I was on and off with fitness until my late 20’s when I started back up with p90x. Say what you will but I know a lot of people who come into lifting with Tony 😉 Since my early 30’s I have been competing as a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter. I am currently focusing more on my conditioning and general strength and fitness with an emphasis on mobility and functional training. I am a personal trainer and feel like if I can’t make myself work on my conditioning and mobility I can’t expect my clients to want to either. I aim for 5 workouts a week, 2 are 30 minute resistance heavy cardio workouts and 3 are heavy circuits. I love to hike and play outside so I want my fitness to support my lifestyle.