Jessica Wilkins

Bikini Bodybuilding & Powerlifting


Online health coach, nutritionist, strength coach, and competitive powerlifter.

My biggest motivation has always been to be the best person I can be and live the best life I possibly can. For this reason, I am continually working to improve my life and the lives of others. My biggest inspirations are authentic and positive people who live in alignment with their values and speak their truths with loving kindness. I am also inspired by strong women and strong vegans (many of them being my friends, clients, and family). I am very motivated to make the world a better place. On a macro-scale, I believe the key to changing the world is through cooperation, not competition, which might sound funny coming from a competitive athlete. The thing is, powerlifting may seem like it is all about competition, but that’s only a very small part of the sport. If you’ve ever been to a powerlifting meet or trained at a powerlifting gym or with a team, you’ll understand that the sport is more about community, consistency, and perseverance than about competition.

I’ve been doing powerlifting specific training for two years. Previous to that I competed in the bikini division of bodybuilding. I have been seriously lifting for about 4 and a half years total. Recently, I’ve been doing a power-building program, which incorporates bodybuilding-style training along with powerlifting-style training. I train 5 days per week, 3 powerlifting sessions and 2 bodybuilding sessions, totaling about 15 hours per week including mobility work. Most recently I competed with Team PlantBuilt at the Naturally Fit Games and took first place in the USPA open, raw, 56kg category. I just moved to Hawaii from Portland, Oregon to be with my partner who is also a strong-ass vegan powerlifter. I am now taking all of my coaching clients online.