Erik Ostberg

Professional Baseball Player (MLB)


All my life ever since I could walk I dreamt of being a Major League baseball Player. It was an undying desire to put on a professional uniform one day and be like all of the guys I used to watch on TV. Every kid plays whiffle ball in the backyard with their buddies dreaming of hitting that walk off home run, practicing your home run trot, making that diving catch or impossible slow roller play. It was an obsessive love for the game that manifested itself through a compulsive baseball card collection, hat collection consisting of every MLB team, and a deep love for Fantasy Baseball where I knew every roster by heart. Never wanted anything different in my life. Through this goal of being drafted into professional baseball I created a set of sub goals…Getting a scholarship to play D1 Baseball…playing in my hometown NECBL team the Valley Blue Sox, getting a contract to the Cape Cod League, being a star varsity player at my high school…and so on and so forth. Obsessive is a word that describes my journey kindly, structuring my entire life around the pursuit of these dreams. In any sport, fitness is imperative. When I matured into High School I made the decision my freshman year to be the strongest, quickest, most ripped guy on the field knowing that the increase in strength and athleticism would have a direct correlation to my performance. Thus began my journey in fitness and lifting. I was always a bit overlooked I felt during the recruiting process in high school, which fueled me in the weight room even more. My approach to my strength training really separated me in the ladder years of my high school career and was a huge reason I was successful in college at the University of Hartford. As I’ve made the leap into Professional Baseball I’ve tried to become even more specific in my training, not only focusing on increasing my raw strength but developing more efficient, healthy movement patterns, taking my flexibility to the next level and the speed at which I move the weight in my lifts. Not only do I train to be strong and look good, but I train to be a complete athlete. There is no other way to describe my journey other than done through Hard Work, late hours, and obsessive compulsive drive to hear my name called in the MLB Draft. I believe I am living proof that a childhood dream can be achieved through discipline and grit. That is message I try to convey to all the young kids that I coach, we hear it all the time “trust the process” “when your opponent is sleeping your working” “outwork the next guy” but to really live that life and commit to it is a different story. The weight room is my best friend in trying to achieve these goals. I am proud to be affiliated with Elevate. 


  • What motivates and inspires you?I want to be an influence in my community. I want to be someone who serves as example as a big dreamer who made that manifest in real life. I think that is one of the routes of my motivation to get up and get to work every day, because I am starting to see the influence my career and decisions can have on others. Being from Massachusetts I never really had the opportunity to be coached by any professional players, there are not many pro players from this area, so I try to spread my knowledge and things I’ve been exposed to the next generation of players in this area.


  • How would you describe your training? My training has always been intense. I love to move weight, and attempt to be the biggest guy in the room. However over the past year I’ve tried to become more agile, and athletic in my movements. I’ve tried to round myself out to being a more complete athlete, my first taste of pro ball showed me that I need to move better, and more efficiently, being the “biggest” doesn’t always apply in Baseball, so I try to train quality movement patterns more than ever at this point of my career.


  • How many hours a week do you train? During the offseason I train about 6-7 hours a day between my lifts, conditioning and Baseball activity. Usually do this Monday through Friday, with specific training and coaching on the weekends.
    • How many years have I been training? I started lifting seriously my freshman year of high school where I started following a real program, and since then it’s been a staple in my Life.
  • Location: Florence, Massachusetts