Dominick Rizzo

Muay Thai Kickboxing, Powerlifting, CrossFit


Human performance inspires me. Whether that be breaking a 4 minute mile or squatting 1,000lbs raw, seeing people push the limits of things that were previously thought of as impossible will always be captivating. The overall progress and general increase in human output is something that motivates me regularly.

My training path has been somewhat scattered from the beginning. I dabbled in a lot of training modalities, but never really focused on anything in particular..and not surprisingly, saw little progress. Around 2010 is the first time I started to really focus on a single discipline when I started training and competing (at the amateur level) in Muay Thai kickboxing. Devoting 100% to single sport and watching my growth and development was a game changer for me, and made me want to re-focus on some of the ways I had inconsistently trained in the past. I always had a passion for lifting, so around 2015 I decided to focus on powerlifting, competing a couple times from 2015-2017. The second half of 2017 has led to a lot of life changes for me, one of them being adopting a plant-based lifestyle. I used this time to take a slight break from serious training, heal up nagging injuries, and get a handle on my nutrition. Now that things are settling for me, my training is going to take another turn. This time, towards a crossfit style of training, with a competition focus on Weightlifting and Obstacle Course Racing. The Weightlifting component is going to be brand new to me and I will be starting from scratch, while the OCR is something I have enjoyed for the past few years. Additionally, working for Tough Mudder, as the Manager of Franchise Operations for Tough Mudder BootCamp, I am completely submerged in the lifestyle.

  • Location: Brooklyn, NY