Anthony Delvecchio

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting


“Extremes are easy; strive for balance”

Over 10 years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to take my passion and create change by making a difference in people’s lives. As most journeys begin the paths are unclear and we travel down various roads ultimately leading us to our destination. These paths have given me the opportunity to impact a diverse range of clientele in areas of athletic performance, weight loss, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise.

My philosophy of fitness and wellness is forever evolving. Currently, it surrounds itself with a BALANCE of three components.  Those components address MIND AND THOUGHTS, FUNCTIONAL ACTIVITY and NOURISHMENT.  Each component is equally weighed and is essential in order to sustain a life of health and of longevity.  We are all in this journey together.  Whether you are an athlete, someone rehabbing an injury, or an individual striving to lose weight it all comes back to finding a balance between these components.  When you are able to connect the dots and incorporate them you will put yourself in a place to succeed.  “Fall in the love with the process and the product will follow”