How Non-Dairy Protein Powder Can Help You Lose Weight

For weight loss, you have probably heard that protein is important to keep you full and satiated, and eating breakfast and healthy snacks is also important to keep your hunger away and prevent overeating. Being too busy to plan and cook nutrient-dense, high-protein meals is often a common reason that people have trouble losing weight. That’s why many people often choose smoothies or other food items made with protein powders to keep them on track. Many are easy to make and bring with you on your way out of the house, and adding protein to other nutritious ingredients helps keep you full and keep you from missing out on nutrients, even when you are busy.

However, for some people, digestive or diet issues might be another barrier to weight loss. Traditional whey-based protein supplements aren’t right for everyone, but luckily, they aren’t the only option. For those who don’t tolerate dairy well, are vegan or vegetarian, or just want to vary the sources of protein in their diet, using a non-dairy protein powder for weight loss might be a better fit. Here are three ways you can use non-dairy protein powder in foods to help you achieve weight loss.

How you Can use Non-Dairy Protein Powder

non dairy milk alternatives

Smoothies are one of the most common ways people use protein powder. They are usually easy to make, easy to take on-the-go, and can be customized to meet your nutrient needs. Usually they are made with either fresh or frozen fruit blended with non-dairy protein powder and milk, but can also be made with cocoa powder and non-dairy yogurt. Instead of using regular cow’s milk, you can use one of several non-dairy milk options, such as:

  • Soy
  • Rice
  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Hemp
  • Cashew

Some non-dairy milks are sweetened and flavored, though, which might add more calories and sugar than you would want when you are trying to lose weight. Make sure to check the labels and do the math on calorie and sugar content before you choose one.

Other Non-Dairy Protein Snacks

Protein bars are often another good choice for using non-dairy protein powder for weight loss. There are many recipes and varieties out there, including granola bars, protein bars, brownies and cake balls. These are perfect when you need a quick, filling snack and you don’t want to be tempted by a vending machine full of empty calories.

Perhaps it’s Time to Switch Protein Powders

For those who want to avoid dairy and weight gain, but love a milkshake every now and then, a non-dairy shake with non-dairy protein powder added in might satisfy your craving. Similar to smoothies, but more indulgent tasting, shakes use non-dairy milk and ingredients like vanilla extract and butter extract to create a richer flavor. You might feel like you are cheating on your diet, but this high-protein, low-calorie alternative is an ideal treat that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

For those with diet restrictions or time barriers that interfere with losing weight, using a non-dairy protein powder for weight loss can be helpful. Adding it to convenient, nutrient-dense food items can make achieving your weight loss goals easier because you’ll have filling, satisfying, muscle building foods on-hand when hunger strikes.

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