Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for The Holidays

Holiday Plant-Based Recipes that Everyone Will Love

If you think going vegan means giving up your favorite gooey, greasy, filling and oh-so-tasty guilty pleasures, think again. These wholesome and hearty versions of your favorite party foods will have you seeing the light and passing the dip. We’ve rounded up enough recipes for a game-day gathering right here, and the best part? No guilt at all. Get ready to party all night with good-for-you treats that taste oh so naughty.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Yes, they’re deep-fried, but they’re also made of cauliflower, soy buttermilk and other ingredients that do a body good. They have all the finger-licking look, taste and crunch of the real thing. This recipe makes them mildly spicy but you can adjust the temperature to your liking. Serve with a garlic-maple sauce or vegan ranch dressing.

plant based vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Pesto Chickpeas

A can of chickpeas, some pesto and 10 minutes. If you’ve got them, you’ve got this crunchy, spicy snack perfect for those times you want a quick nosh. Chickpeas pack a serious protein punch and they’re chock-full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and complex carbs. Pass this around instead of nuts or chips for a flavor surprise your guests will love.

Pesto Chickpeas

Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are the king of bar food, and now you can recreate all their deep-fried, gooey goodness in a low-fat vegan version. Breadcrumbs, spices and vegan cheese make the magic happen. And once you try them, you’ll believe in magic. Whip this easy recipe up for a party, serve with marinara sauce and dip to your heart’s content.

vegan mozzarella sticks for the holidays

Plant-Based Shepherd’s Pie

For the ultimate in comfort food, bake this holiday-ready shepherd’s pie made with lentils, mushrooms and spinach. The rich, meaty filling and crisp golden topping are just like you remember, only this time they’re made of plant-based goodness. Mushrooms are bursting with free-radical-fighting goodness while polenta brings the beta-carotenes. Bonus? This pie is also gluten-free.

vegan shepard pie for the holidays

Dairy-Free Chocolate Brittle

Coconut and dark chocolate come together for a sinfully sweet pairing. With a sweet-salty crust made from saltines and a crunchy topping, this brittle will be a welcome guest at any potluck or cookie exchange. A coconut cream filling brings mouth-watering smoothness and immunity-boosting fatty acids. Easy to make and even easier to eat, this is the perfect ending to any meal. Or just skip the meal and head straight for dessert.

vegan chocolate brittle for the holidays

Teriyaki Tofu Flatbread Pizza

Nutrition superheroes tofu and kale join forces to create a knockout of a pizza. This simple recipe comes together quickly on a slice of prepared flatbread topped with vegan cheese. Teriyaki sauce and spices jazz it up even more. This pizza delivers goodness and good taste, and will get you fueled up the right way before a night of holiday parties or after a workout.

vegan pizza for holiday season

Wrap it Up

Going full-on vegan is great for you, but let’s face it, there are times that you just want to dig into something that tastes like it’s bad for you. Now you can enjoy all the textures and flavors you love, and holiday gatherings are the perfect time. Parties are about fun, and these dishes bring the fun but they also bring the goodness and richness of nature.

When you serve these foods, you’re not just serving a scrumptious meal. You’re serving food that’s packed with the health-giving, disease-fighting gifts of plant-based eating. Whether you’re hosting a party, bringing something to a gathering, or just looking for some fun dinner alternatives, satisfaction is guaranteed when you give one of these plant-based recipes a try.

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