Benefits of Plant Based Protein

When you think of muscle-building protein your mind may not immediately think of peas, nuts, or seeds, but it should! In fact, the most easily digestible protein that can help you build and maintain muscle comes from plant-based sources. These antioxidant rich proteins help you recover faster from training by reducing inflammation and are low in saturated fat as well as free of growth hormones and antibiotics commonly found in animal products. In addition, switching to a plant-based diet helps to reduce your carbon footprint since animal products take more fuel, water, and energy to produce.

Myths About Plant-Based Protein

A common myth about plant-based protein is that the proteins are not complete, or do not contain all essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself. Protein rich options including quinoa, hemp and chia seeds, soy, seaweed, kelp and other algae are examples of complete proteins, while incomplete proteins such as lentils, seitan, nuts, rice and beans can be combined in your diet to ensure you receive all of the essential amino acids you need. In fact, a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread is a meal that provides you with a large dose of all the amino acids you need since combining legumes like beans, lentils, and peanuts with grains like wheat, rice, and corn, will create a complete protein.

More Benfits from Plant Based Proteins

Plant-based proteins build just as much muscle, are easier to digest, help your muscles recover faster from intense training, and have less of a negative impact on the environment than their animal-based counterparts. As an added bonus, those eating a plant-based diet tend to live longer than their carnivorous friends. Check out our recipe page for ideas on how to start your plant based diet today!

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