So You Want to Become a Morning Workout Person? These Tips Can Help

Let’s face it: even for morning people, the thought of rolling out of bed and hitting the gym is just downright unappealing. Yet, statistics show that that is just what you need to do. Morning workouts are proven to boost metabolism, improve productivity and even increase brainpower. If those aren’t reason enough to stop snoozing your alarm, just think about how fit you’ll be by exercising a little bit of willpower. If you’re convinced that a morning exercise regime is just what you need to make your life complete but you just aren’t sure you can muster up the energy that early in the A.M., put these tips to use to become the pre-work workout fanatic you never thought you’d be.

Prepare the Night Before

It’s hard enough to muster up the energy to make lunch in the morning, much less pack a bag for the gym and the items you need for work. Save yourself the trouble and do all that the night before. Put your work clothes in a gym bag, lay out your gym clothes on a bedside chair and place your pre-made lunch in the fridge. When you roll out of bed in the morning, slip right into your comfy spandex, grab your stuff and go.

Actually Get Out of Bed

This is the hard part: getting out of bed. Yes, your comforter is like a warm cocoon you’re just not ready to leave, but if you want to be a butterfly, you have to do it. The best way to convince yourself to emerge from your haven is to move your alarm clock across the room, that way you’re forced to get out of bed to put an end to that dreadful buzzing.

Invite a Friend, or Make Friends

If you have a predetermined workout buddy, you can keep each other motivated. However, if you couldn’t convince anyone else to sacrifice sleep for a morning workout, don’t sweat it. You’ll meet plenty of like-minded individuals at the gym or on your morning jogs through the park. Strike up a conversation and before you know it, you’ll be setting up regular gym dates. If you know others are counting on you to be there, you’ll be less likely to flake on your routine.

Pay For a Class

If you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy wasting money. Sign up for a class you have to pay for in advance. When you think about “skipping a morning,” just remember how much you invested in looking and feeling good and you’ll be out of bed in no time.

Reward Yourself

There really is no better motivation than an acai bowl with fresh blueberries or a delicious plant-based chocolate shake to push yourself to the limit. Make your own protein drink the night before and save it for post workout, or find a pit stop en route from the gym to work that knows how to make acai bowls just right. Not only are these snacks healthy and delicious, but also, they are full of ingredients that your body needs to produce more energy and to keep you fueled for hours.

Becoming a morning workout person is going to take time, dedication and willpower, but the benefits are worth it. After a month of 5 A.M. workouts, you’ll look better, feel better and be an all-around happier person.

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