5 Foam Rolling Benefits Every Athlete Should Know

Every athlete wants to improve their performance through training. Creating an effective routine is key to becoming stronger, more flexible and more resilient. Foam rolling is a simple technique that anyone can do while warming up. Check out these five foam rolling benefits to decide if it’s right for you.

1.Relaxes Muscles

Sore muscles and muscle knots are some of the biggest threats facing athletes. It’s common for pain to develop from overly stressful workouts or games. One of the best ways to keep your muscles limber is to gently massage them, which is essentially what foam rolling is all about. It involves applying pressure to myofascial connective tissue to release tension. An athlete can complete exercises that target pressure points and increase blood flow.

2.It’s Quick and Easy

If you’re on a time crunch, you want to get a fast workout in. You don’t have to spend a lot of time rolling to notice the benefits. Scientists are constantly researching the positive health effects of this exercise. The latest results recommend between three and five sets that last 20 to 30 seconds each. Athletes should complete foam rolling three to five times a week. Considering the potential for improved strength and performance, this isn’t a lot of time to invest during a workout.

3.Versatile Exercises

Complete the same exercises over and over again, and you might become bored. Rolling, however, can be applied to many different parts of the body. It’s a versatile exercise you can customize to concentrate on your sorest areas or the areas you think need the most work. Types of exercises include:

  • Lying face up with the foam roller under your upper back
  • Sitting down with one leg extended and the roller under your thigh
  • Turning on your side with one leg extended, the other one crossed in front and the roller underneath your hip
  • Getting in a push-up position with the roller underneath both legs

4.You Can Do It at Home

Many strength training exercises usually involve the aid of big machines typically found at a gym. If you’re juggling work and other activities, finding the time to visit a facility and take care of your health can be difficult. While many gyms offer foam rollers, this accessory is so small and affordable you can also purchase one for your home. The convenience of foam rolling in your residence can motivate you and keep you on track toward your fitness goals.

5.Promotes Recovery

After a tough workout you want your muscles to recover quickly so can continue to train in comfort. Foam rolling massages your soft tissue so it can become more resilient to stretching and heavy weight. Thus, your muscles won’t feel as sore and you’ll be better equipped to handle difficult exercises and intense sports.

To stay fit and win sports competitions, you need a routine that enhances your body. These five foam rolling benefits can help you decide if you should incorporate a few simple and quick rolling techniques into your routine. If done properly and alongside yoga, you might perform better during a wide range of activities.

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